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A school of economics is a group of economic thinkers who share a common perspective on the way economies work.

This school is the first of its kind. It is, above all else, a practical school. It finds ways to make people and businesses safe and able to get on with their life plans without taking risks imposed upon them by the complex and unruly financial framework which we have to cope with today.
The practical thesis is: ‘‘Safer' is simpler, less costly, more competitive, builds confidence, and significantly boosts investment, employment, and economic growth.
As Edward Ingram explains:
“When an engineer designs an aircraft the first task is to make sure it is stable in flight. Only then are the management systems put in place.
In economics, everything has been done the other way around and the damn thing won’t fly!



Please note that not all of the reviewers have studied the entire book. That mostly applies to the proposed currency and management systems. Exceptions are Riekie Cloete and Dr T Chowa.
Dr Rabi N. Mishra, Economist, and a Chief General Manager, Reserve Bank of India writes: “This book will inspire rethinking on the perimeters of economic thought and theory, and their practical use in policy making. A ‘should-read’ for budding researchers in Financial Economics to expand its horizon.” 

Dr. Azam Ali ex Senior Economist Bank of Pakistan writes, “Dear Edward, I am following your endeavours of rewriting the economic framework with great interest and am on the same page with you on almost all the issues you raise from time to time.”

Professor Evelyn Chiloane-Tsoka from the University of South Africa, says “These ideas will become prescribed reading at universities.”

Alan Gray, Editor-in-Chief, NewsBlaze, writes, “The Macro-economic Design group’s elegant solution is so simple that it has eluded the big economic thinkers of our time, because everyone was looking for complex solution to a complex problem.” 

Professor Leon Brummer, professor of stock broking at the University of Pretoria, said of the new lending and savings and investment model, “This simplifies everything.”
Riekie Cloete is an experienced macro-economist and past mentor of post-graduate students. She writes, "This Ingram School is the first I have ever seen which addresses these critical issues head on and in a sound academic way."
Dr T Chowa, Lecturer (Actuarial Science & GSB), writes: There is literally no other person who has looked further and seen further with such clarity as Edward Ingram.
Professor Daniel Makina from the University of South Africa, professor of finance, risk management and banking writes, “I am fascinated by what you are doing.”
Andrew Pampallis, Retired Head of Banking at the University of Johannesburg, mostly referring to the needed lending reforms, wrote, “When people realise what you have done all hell will break loose.”

Timothy Hosking, BSc (hons 1st class) QS and building economics, the author of a forthcoming book on community breakdown under financial stresses, writes: “No other school of economics resolves these critical social issues”

The acknowledgements also give great insights -  a story to be told.

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