Monday, October 10, 2016

The world's first Certified (Online) University Course in

Macro-economic Design and Management

Based on the revolutionary

Ingram School of Economics

We will be needing thousands of graduated tutors.
It will come about to save governments from social and electoral turmoil.

and R. CLOETE, is offering

the Macro-economic Design & Management Course

Policy-makers at Treasury and Central Banks, Law Makers, Academics, Researchers, Practitioners, Company CEO's, Consultants, students of the Social Sciences, and other Interested parties are invited to participate in this unique, world-first, interactive, online course, and keep pace with paradigm shifts in finance and economic policy.

The Macro-Economic Design & Management Course is a product of the Ingram Economic School based on fresh insights into original market fundamentals. In contrast with traditional economic theory which has struggled to piece the critical units together, for the first time in economic history, the M-EDM harmonizes government, finance and business macroeconomics for them to work optimally together towards the ultimate benefit of nations. Its practical thesis is ‘‘Safer' is simpler, less costly, more competitive, builds confidence, and significantly boosts investment, employment, and economic growth.’

The Course modules
Module 1: Basic economic principles, proofs, and the Complexity Theorem.
Module 2: Safer Savings and Lending contracts paradigm
Module 3: The new credit markets conformance framework
Module 4: The new currency markets conformance framework
Module 5: Treasury and Monetary Policy dynamics
Module 6: Comparison with other Schools of Economics.

It is a 3-months online course delivered through Moodle / Classroom e-learning platforms, as well as web packages complemented with face-to-face interactions, leading to the award of a NUST University certificate. Additionally, there is ample opportunity for participants to write and publish scholarly articles in academic papers.

Interested participants are invited to visit to complete the application form as well as access Banking details, or telephone +263-9-887548.

Total fee: US$450.00. Notify the university of your interest to be put on a waiting list for the next course or a later course as needed.

For more information please contact Mr E. C. D. Ingram or Riekie Cloete

What is NUST-CCE?
It is the Centre for Continuing Education at Zimbabwe's National University of Science and Technology. There is a vigorous and well respected social sciences department  

There is this

ENTRY QUALIFICATIONS  This course is most importantly aimed at leading economists at Treasury and central banks world-wide. It will be a workshop for them as well as a course.

However, if you have any knowledge of finance, accounting, actuarial science, banking, business, or giving financial advice or consulting, this course is for you.

We are also needing to train others to teach this course. Graduating will make you a candidate to consider.

 It will help if you have a PC and Skype or Google Hangouts.

It is a once per week teach-in which can be downloaded at any time, using your key given to you after you have paid the full US$450 or a US$100 deposit with monthly instalments. There are homeworks and interactive tuition on Skype, or using email, with one of the teachers of your choice when available.

GRADES AND DISTINCTIONS: You will get a certificate and a grade of pass, class 2 or class 1. Some high fliers who make unusually interesting observations and/or write papers for publication will get a distinction.

Edward C D Ingram was angry with building societies in the UK in the 1970s. His clients with mortgages were being forced out of their homes as interest rates rose and real interest rates fell. Paying more every month for a rapidly falling value of debt caused by rising inflation made no sense. He decided to do something about it. But economists needed to understand how everything fits together. The outcome was decades of research to track down the principles which they would clearly understand. It has to be simple, clear, and logical. Now it is done the same principles explain many other reforms which are essential to the provision of an orderly economy.

In all, Edward spent four decades developing the course. He presented parts of it twice at NUST in 2007/8 and previously at the University of Botswana. The feedback forms showed they wanted this published. So that is what we are doing.

Central bankers and Treasury officials will learn things that they don't know.

A submission has been sent to the UK Treasury Select Committee giving them some of that information - they called for papers on what is wrong with UK monetary policy. We replied. They will understand things they never knew before.

You will learn what policy-makers everywhere, are doing wrong and how that affects you and how you can try to defend yourself and your business if you have one.

As a bank manager or a financial adviser you will be ahead of everyone else in your field when the changes are brought in. Your knowledge and skills will be sought after.

As a student of business, economics, finance, or accounting, you will learn how the future may develop. You will be a leader in that field as it happens and maybe shaping the way it happens.

  • The new savings contracts and a new index which will repay value plus interest instead of money of unknown value plus interest.
  • The new lending / borrowing contracts will be significantly safer and lower in cost as well as being more competitive than the ones on offer today.
  • How interest rates will find their own level – removing an eternal worry about what they will do next.
  • The new pension contracts which will not threaten the companies providing your pension - they will be financially stable and their value will not change markedly if inflation gets very high. 
  • Why currencies will not jump up and down in price the way they do today.
The course is being welcomed by some seniors in the world - we have excellent peer reviews on our own website


The Bulawayo Chronicle is supporting us and has published articles, and is asking for more.

Fin24 - a leading financial online magazine in South Africa at has already published around 50 essays by Mr Ingram - search for 'edward ingram' on site.

The March 2017 edition of Skyways, seen at the offices of AirLink and on-board flights, has an article by Edward Ingram on 'The Coming Financial Revolution' - how it will make you financially safer when it happens.

Interested participants are invited to visit to complete the application form as well as access banking details, or telephone +263-9-887548 for assistance.

Mr. Ingram can be contacted face to face
On Skype at edwarding2
On WhatsApp at  +44 749 713 8287